Information Technologies (IT) and IT-Enabled Services (ITES) are one of the by leaps and bounds growing industries across the world. With the growth and the increase in business, these industries need a large number of human powers to make their operation streamline. We at Metatron help IT and ITES businesses by providing human capital.


We as the best job consultancy in Coimbatore match the growing human capital needs of the IT and ITES industry and give them opportunities to flourish by increasing their production capacity. We help service providers in finding the best and most deserving candidates that can take their business to the next level. Whether you run a multinational or a corporate firm, we provide the best solutions for businesses based on their needs and goals.

Our Vision

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Our Mission

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We Provide Recruitment Solutions for the IT and ITES Sector

At Metatron, we are a reputed IT consultancy in Coimbatore. Our experts are committed to serving you with the best talents. We shortlist a group of candidates who possess the required skills based on industrial needs. Our team consists of experienced professionals who perform a necessary check on the knowledge, skills, and awareness of candidates before they proceed to the organization.


Apart from this, we also have a good understanding of the different positioning of employees based on the expectation of IT and ITES. So, we always filter out various candidates to get a perfect profile based on candidature and also the best talent for our customers.

Reasons to Hire Metatron for IT and ITES Recruitment

We, an IT job consultancy in Coimbatore, are the best choice for IT and ITES recruitment for various reasons.

With a proven track record in IT and ITES recruitment
We understand the proper time when our clients need recruitment staff
We offer both experienced and fresher candidates
We have a group of experts who are from the IT and ITES sector